Our Chairman


Our Chairman

Our Chairman

Gary Condos is a lifelong resident of Southwest Wyoming, born in Evanston, Wyoming and at a young age moved to Kemmerer, Wyoming. It was in Kemmerer that Gary learned the importance of a strong work ethic, from shoveling the walkways in the town center to beginning his electrical apprenticeship. His father told him from a young age that he was meant to be an entrepreneur and always encouraged him to be self-employed.

Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped to push him to excel in all his endeavors. To this day, he continues to advise, “Do not shrink your dreams.”

Gary became an electrical journeyman at the age of 19 and began his first electrical business at the age of 23 in 1982. Continuing self-employment, Gary acquired Redi Services in 2005. At that time, Redi, located in Lyman, Wyoming, offered a few services including Hydrovac, Painting, and Insulation, with the majority of the work focused in the oil and gas industry.


Fast forward 16 years and the company has grown in all industries and added many service lines, including electrical, civil, facility and pipeline construction, trucking, sanitation, hydro blasting, nitrogen pumping, and many others. Redi has established locations in 5 states and has ongoing projects in many states across the country. Gary has developed a powerful safety culture and believes that everyone should return home safe every single day.

Gary has always empowered his employees to become successful. One of his guiding mantras has always been, “Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want.”

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