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Incident Learning

Important Documents:

Below you will find important Incident Learning documents.

January 2019 DOT Recordable Crash

March 8th, 2019, Falling Object Strike to the Face, Recordable

5th March 2019, 2:30pm, Burn, Classification: RWI L22

February 2019 Arm Injury

September 2018 Broken Teeth

2018 June- WY OSHA Recordable Lacerated Hand

2018 April- TX FA Dropped Object

2017 May- Fatality Texas

2017 May- CO OSHA Recordable

2017 June- Fatality CO MVI

2017 June- Exxon Shute Creek OSHA Recordable

2017 December- CO OSHA Recordable in Shop

2017 August- NV MSHA Reportable Fall

November 2017 Incident Learnings - Odessa, TX

March 2017 Motor Vehicle Incident

March 2017 Motor Vehicle Incident

May 2016 Motor Vehicle Incident

June 2016 Motor Vehicle Incident

January 2015 MSHA Reportable Incident

January 2015 MSHA Citation Incident

April 2015 H2S Exposure Shute Creek

April 2015 Serious First Aid

May 2014 OSHA Recordable Incident

May 2014 First Aid Grinding Wheel/Face Shield

March 2014 MSHA Reportable Incident

July 2014MSHA Reportable Incident

January 2014 OSHA Recordable Incident

February 2014 OSHA Recordable Incident

December 2014 MSHA Citation

August 2014 MSHA Reportable Incident

August 2014 OSHA Recordable Incident

August 2014 OSHA Recordable Incident

November 2011 Motor Vehicle Incident

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Safety Contacts

Lance Norris

HSE Director



For incident reporting or after hours questions regarding safety matters Call: 307-747-0511