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Announcement on 2018 Safety Results 0.37 TRIR

January 15, 2019

Redi Services, LLC (“Redi”) is pleased and delighted at announcing its 2018 Total Recordable Incident Rate (“TRIR”).

With the 2018 data now in, Redi posted a 0.37 TRIR!  This took place against a backdrop of having over 1 million Redi employee work hours for the year.  

Redi incurred two OSHA related incidents in 2018.  In both situations they involved small hand-held power tools that caused skin abrasion.  In both incidents the employees were able to return to work without missing any days.

Redi strives to foster a robust safety culture.  Our commitment to safety is our top priority and underpins everything we do.  The biggest benefit of our safety record is the vast number of Redi employees who returned home to their families safely.  

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