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Announcement: Texas Operations

June 15, 2013

Redi Services, LLC

Announcement Regarding Initiation of Texas Operations

June 2013



Redi Services, LLC is most pleased and excited to announce that has opened an office and facility in the Midland/Odessa Texas area!    We have placed the keys in the door and started in earnest to serve customers in the active west Texas market. 


Redi established a shop and presence effective June 1, 2013.  Our facitity is located at 8001 East Business 20.  We have deployed and relocated Joel Wiedrich as our Texas operations manager who in leading the charge forward in securing market shares.  Joel has a strong oil and gas background with experience in safety leadership positions within Redi.  Supporting Joel is a complement of experienced and skilled field technical employees that will serve our clients well.  We are excited about the opportunities to exploit market shares in the hydro excavation arena, waste management, and other field services.  Further, we are fortunate to have the ability to offer a full line of industrial insulation services as part of our initial operations.


The west Texas market is one of the most dynamic oil plays in the lower-48.  Well drilling is going strong with the application of horizontal drilling in a long-served oil and gas area of the country.  Analysts state that the west Texas market will be active for some period of time. The timing for Redi’s entry into west Texas is well suited.  We look forward to being able to establish a vibrant presence by delivering safe and quality goods and services to the clients were serve.   


Please feel free to give Joel Wiedrich a call and ask about the work activities.  Joel can be reached at his business number at (432)272.1583 or on his cell (307)747.0292.  We thank you for your interest in Redi.

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