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December 2014 Safety Meeting

December 5, 2014

In mid-December Redi held a safety conference at the Lyman office.  The purpose of the conference was to bring all of the company’s safety professionals into a training session to enhance the safety culture of the company.  The event started out with the Lyman safety meeting, which was attended by Dave Mathews (Chevron’s Western US Operations Manager) and Jon Conrad (FMC Safety Director). 

 Following the safety meeting the training session of the conference was undertaken.  Dr. David Yates, safety specialists with FMC and author of Safety Professional’s: Reference and Study Guide, was gracious enough to give our team a presentation on risk mitigation efforts.  Dr. Yates is a safety expert and provided key learnings and insights for our safety team.  Jon Conrad was kind enough to also attend Dr. Yates’ presentation and offer his insights on safety trends at FMC.  Redi was most appreciative of the partnership training FMC was gracious enough to extend to Redi through Dr. Yates’ presentation.

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