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New Hazard Based Safety Manual-Translated to Spanish

August 27, 2020


Last August we rolled out a new Hazard Based Safety Manual. Today we are proud to announce that we have translated the more than 700-page document in to the Spanish language. This is an enormous accomplishment with dividends that have the potential help more employees know and understand Redi’s hazard-based culture. It is our fundamental focus to get everyone of our employees back home at the end of each shift. With this laser like focus in mind we felt it would be highly advantageous to have our Back Home Safety Program Manual available in both the English and Spanish languages. At Redi, the core fundamental operating principle has been an“Uncompromising commitment to the safety of our associates and our clients.” Redi is focused on the delivery of this commitment each and every day.

Redi understands that receiving the most up to date, industry recognized, safe work practices will improve the safety of our associates along with the quality of our services.As employees read this information in their native language, we believe that it will promote better understanding.


Where can I view the new Spanish translation of Redi’s “Back Home Safety” Plan?

The newly translated Back Home Safety Program Manual is available on the EmployeePortal at www.rediservicesllc.com under the button titled “Safety Manual.” If you need your username or password to login to the system the please call the HSE Coordinator, StephanieGarcia, at 307.787.6333.

Please contact the Safety Department with any questions regarding this change.

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