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Redi reaching new heights to provide relief for its customers!

April 10, 2014

Redi Services has been successful in providing waste management services in western Nevada for the past several months.  A huge solar panel project is being constructed near Tonopah, Nevada.  The Tonopah Solar Power Plant project has enabled Redi to establish a service presence in this remote area of the state.  Redi has deployed some 50 portajohns to this major construction project over the past several months. 

Our client, ARB Construction, was needing a portajohn installed in a most unusual location – 100 feet above the ground in a control room.  Deploying the portajohn was potentially a messy operation; however, with the aid of a crane the portajohn will lifted the 100 feet to the control room platform.  Shown here is the crane lift transporting the portajohn in the air to the control tower room.  The pictures, taken in early April, show the collaboratively efforts of Redi and our client in meeting their needs in a most unique manner.

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