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State Legislative Mining Meeting

January 15, 2012

Redi Services was host to the South West Wyoming State Legislative Mining meeting on January 24, 2012. Twenty Five participants were at a Wyoming Legislative conference session. Local State Senators and Legislatures met with leaders in the Mining Industry. Leaders from SW Wyoming Trona mines (OCI, FMC & Solvay) attended this meeting. Also in attendance were representatives from Haystack Coal Mine and PacifiCorp. Wyoming state legislatures met with mining leaders to address items dealing with severance taxes, international trade expansion, EPA matters and other issues dealing with the mining industry. Redi was excited to be the host for this conference.

‍From Left to Right: Jay Anderson (Redi CFO), Kathy Davison (State Rep), Stan Cooper (State Senator), Owen Petersen (State Rep), Paul Barnard (State Senator), Clarence Vranish (State Rep), Gary Condos (Redi COO), Allen Jaggi (State Rep)
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