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Tearing Down Silos

February 3, 2017

To our Dear Friends of Redi:

I have been thinking about how I might reach out to our Redi team members and have them contemplate for just a moment how we might tear down silos by recognizing the value of others in an organization.

As a company we have our share of "Us versus Them" issues that flare up periodically in our firm.  Yet, I don't think we are unique from any other organization that has more than two employees.  It is easy to fashion artificial silos and safe havens within organizations.  I fully believe in free and competitive markets and in competition.  But I have often thought that within a company, I believe that it is better to complete one another as opposed to compete against one another.

Anyway, here is a message that had been ruminating in my head for a few days and for which I wanted to capture on paper.  Our company may call a department something different than what it is called in your company.  But the issue of striving to engender team work, alignment of focus, galvanizing the best within and across our various departments and locations  are all matters that I believe are issues challenging to every organization.

Just as I believe that safety has no secrets, I believe that ideas that enhance excellence have no secrets.  Hence, I thought I would share these thoughts with you.

Thank you again for your interest in Redi.

With deep regards,

Jay Anderson

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