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Redi Employees Access to Healthiest You

Redi Employees Access to Healthiest You

Hello, Good Folks!!

The information below was part of yesterday’s letter outlining Redi’s response to the Coronavirus situation.  Please reiterate this information to every employee in ALL of your work groups.  Also, attached are 2 HYou informational flyers for posting in areas frequented by employees.  Please make these flyers and the information below available for employees to take home and share with their families.

ALL Redi employees have access to our Teledoc system (Healthiest You).  This is available to you 24/7.  Instead of going to a clinic for an office visit, you may call a doctor at 1-866-703-1259, or go online at, or download the app.  This tool is an EXCELLENT way for you to access a medical professional without exposing yourself and your family to excessive germs.  If you are currently enrolled on our medical insurance plan, then this service is FREE for you to use.  If you are not currently enrolled on our medical plan, you may still access Healthiest You by paying a $45.00 copay per consultation.  Please consider utilizing this very valuable and convenient option.

Protect yourself and your family from COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Frequently Asked Questions

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