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Redi Recognized At Chevron Contractor Safety Meeting

Redi Recognized At Chevron Contractor Safety Meeting

On May 8, 2014 Redi Services was recognized for its safety efforts and culture at the annual Chevron contractor safety meeting.  This meeting was held in Rock Springs, Wyoming and was attended by a key Chevron safety and operations executives as well as a large number of Chevron service providers from the Wyoming area.  At the meeting Redi was recognized for its innovative approach in implementing a Good Catch Program.  Redi has historically encouraged its employees to report unexpected close calls that were labeled as Near Misses.  In an effort to make reporting of these types of events a more positive experience, Redi has enhanced its reporting system to categorize these occurrences as a Good Catch.  This seemingly small chance in labeling has produced a rather significant increase in our employees reporting safety occurrences of this nature.


At the May 8th meeting Lance Norris, Redi’s safety director, made a presentation to the assembled body at the Chevron safety meeting.  The presentation was outstanding and was well received by Chevron and the other contractors in the meeting.  At the conclusion of the safety meeting Redi was given an award by Chevron in recognition of the firm’s Good Catch efforts and insightful initative.


Shown in the photo where the award is being presented to Redi are the following (L to R):  Lance Norris (Safety Director), Jay Anderson (CFO), Macario Ibarra (Redi insulation manager), Dave Mathews (Chevron Wyoming Operations Manager), and Michael Du Berry (Chevron Mid Continent Operations Manager).

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