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Redi Services Kansas operations

Redi Services Kansas operations

Redi Services, LLC (“Redi”) is excited to announce that it will be starting up a Kansas operations. Our entry into Kansas came in a bit of an unusual manner, but we view this as a choice opportunity to deploy into a strong industrial services target market. Redi will be providing comprehensive warehousing and logical services for a 20” crude pipeline that is being built from Eastern Colorado to Central Oklahoma. Redi was selected by the pipeline entity to provide construction services associated with the transfer station, which is located near Redi’s Platteville, Colorado office. In addition to constructing the transfer station, Redi was fortunate to be selected to provide equipment and materials logistical support for the transfer station and western section of the pipeline. This encompassed the warehousing and management of materials and supplies associated with the station and pipeline. Our service execution was sufficiently effective such that the pipeline company recently came forward and requested Redi to provide similar warehousing services in Garden City, Kansas (southwest Kansas). Garden City is a mid-point on the line and well situated logistically in receiving and deploying pipeline materials. Redi will commence this service line by mid-September, 2015. Supporting the pipeline will extend for well over a year. Redi has secured a shop, storage facility and office to accommodate the warehousing involvement needed for the project in Garden City. To head up this operation Redi has tapped Reid Joyner to serve as our Kansas manager. Reid is a long-term Redi employee with extensive plant, facility and industrial mechanical knowledge and background. Our desire and expectations are to expand our presence in the western Kansas area and exploit market shares in the oil and gas and industrial services arena. For those of you who know Reid you are welcomed to give him congratulations on his new assignment by giving him a call on his cell phone (620.290.8977) or through email ( This is an exciting day for Redi and speaks volumes of the safety and quality service reputation that the firm has established. Redi is a pace setter in the service industry due to the quality and commitment of its employees. Jay Anderson 9/11/2015

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