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REDI. Set. Go!

REDI. Set. Go!

Debi Terry Pioneer Editor — Posted On: 11-18-2005 – Bridger Valley Pioneer NewspaperJust a few months out of the starting gate and Redi Services, Inc. co-owners Jay Anderson and Gary Condos are well on their way to achieving their dream of becoming a “one-call, one-shop” business for their customers.The two former co-workers acquired the industrial service business located in Lyman in September 2005 from Joey Platts, who formed the business in 1982.Redi was organized to meet growing industrial construction and maintenance needs of the Intermountain West.“Joey founded and developed the company,” Anderson said. “Redi started as an insulation and heat-trace business and he expanded the business line.”The company consists of five different business lines, which include Insulation, Electrical, Hydro Excavating (non-destructive digging), Mechanical/Construction and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning).“We feel we are well positioned to offer a variety of resources,” Anderson said.Redi also offers industrial painting for the commercial industry.Anderson said that Condos previously worked for Redi as an operating manager and was interested in acquiring the successful business when Platts was ready to sell and pursue other interests.“Gary and I worked together previously. He contacted me when the opportunity became available and we now co-own the business,” Anderson said.The two have combined their individual expertise to pursue what Anderson calls a “blue flame hot industry.”Although the business has been primarily focused in Western Wyoming, Anderson said that Redi has the capacity to service the state.“We think we’re positioned to go forward. We have solid managers, great employees and a robust market. We can not only meet, but also exceed the demands of our customers. There are great opportunities out there,” he said.Anderson noted that the company’s top-flight managers are the key to Redi’s forward progress and success.He said the market presents not only a great opportunity, but a huge challenge.“We want to continue building on an already successful business. We’re race-ready. We’re ready to hit the ground running.“We want to take advantage of the market while it is here and we want to be good stewards. We want to keep running at an optimal level,” Anderson said.

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