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Redi’s Involvement in Windmill Blade Demolition

Redi’s Involvement in Windmill Blade Demolition

Redi was recently tasked with a most interesting assignment – cut up a windmill blade.  These blades are a long as a 737 jet airliner.  They are made of tough fiberglass.  However, after several years they deteriorate and need to be replaced.   However, you simply can’t discard that size of blade in a garbage can!

So, Redi was tasked to come to the windmill site and cut the blades into sections for ultimate disposal in the landfill.  A most interesting application of our hydro blasting services in Western Wyoming.   The blades are cut into 20 to 30 foot lengths and then transported in a side dump to the landfill.  All in a days work.

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Redi’s Involvement in Windmill Blade Demolition

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