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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

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Our dry ice blasting services provides an option to our customers for cleaning and product finishing that sand and water blasting can provide. Dry ice blasting is the process of sending dry ice (solid CO2) particles through a blast hose that penetrates and removes contaminates on virtually all types of surfaces. The CO2 dissipates into a gas after impact. Cleanup time and is greatly reduced leaving virtually zero residue in the work area. This way of cleaning leaves no sand grit or water on the ground after the item is cleaned.

Not quite sure what Dry-Ice Blasting can do? Give us a call and we can clear things up. Dry-ice blasting has the ability to get things clean without all the CLEAN UP. When C02 is the blasting media, there is no glass, shells, or any other media to clean up when you're done. Some of the things that we have cleaned with dry ice are:

  • Cooling fins on compressor units
  • Sulfur lines
  • Stainless steal tanks
  • Shovel at a coal mine
  • Even roof tar on the side of a school

This is what it looks like.

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