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Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

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Maintenance capabilities

Redi Services provides a wide range of maintenance support services to a diverse clientele.  Redi’s capable and disciplined oriented craft men and women can provide project centered, short to mid-range all the way to long term maintenance contracts for your maintenance needs.  Ranging from Electricians, Insulators, Hydro-blasters, Scaffold builders, Clerical Staff and more, Redi can provide the professionals you need to maintain your assets.  

Facility Operation

Redi provides maintenance support to several large gas plant, mining and process facilities throughout our regions.  Redi’s unique and value added approach in staffing, coordinating and managing a wide range of disciplines will increase efficiencies, streamline invoicing and allow our clients a direct approach in working with and managing their operation.


Redi currently has employees staffed for field and plant operations.  Redi deploys a wide range of pumpers and specialists that report directly to the producers while Redi manages their time, invoicing and benefits package.    

Shutdown/Turnaround Capabilities – see service lines

Along with Redi’s capabilities to self-perform Shutdown/Turnaround projects, Redi is a very good and experienced sub-contractor to large GCs.  Redi has performed planned TARs that range from 30-50 employees/shifts to unexpected last minute downs to assist our clients to get their assets back up and running.  

Nitrogen, Engineering and NDT Services

Redi’s affiliations with Redi Pumping, LLC (Nitrogen Services), Redi Anvil, LLC (Industrial Engineering with a wide range of disciplines) and Redi Inspections (NDT Services) allows our clients to feel confident in making one call to handle a variety of service lines and specialties.   Please see our Redi Pumping, Redi Anvil and Redi Inspections sections for more details.

Specialty Capabilities – see hydro blasting, scaffolding, HVAC, Electrical, high torque, septic and many more service lines

Our crews are highly trained both in their trades and in their safety training.  Our crews are trained in Safeland, H2S, MSHA, OSHA, HAZWOPER and more.  Redi’s focus is to have the training completed in advance so you can make one call and we can meet site, client and regulatory agency requirements.  Even when it comes to specialty services

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