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Redi Services is now excited to announce that we have added a new division: Fiber Optics. For years we have been running conduit and even pulling cable, but we have never been a full service fiber optic contractor. That has all changed!!!

Kyle Condos is our fiber optics manager. He can help you with your fiber optic needs. We can not only run the conduit and cable, but we are now trained and equipped to: 

  • Run conduit and cable
  • Terminate cables
  • Fuse cables
  • Perform regular maintenance

 We are certified to work in many different hazardous areas. We can work in:

  • Mines
  • Gas Plants
  • Refineries
  • Well sites
  • Confined Spaces
  • We have a Bucket Truck!!!

Give us an opportunity and we are here to perform. We don't mind a challenge either, so let us know what your needs are, and we will do anything we can to get the job done right.

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Lyman, WY

Kyle Condos


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