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Torquing can provide some of the easiest and quickest way to make up leak-free flanges. Our high torque equipment requires less-time in less passes to tighten. Redi has certified equipment that is calibrated annually to provide the required accuracy and consistency to get the job done. We can run up to 4 tools at one time minimizing the passes around each flange. Our services provide a fast, less error-prone and safe torquing technique with the latest in tool technology.

Nut sizes we can tighten range from 1 13/16" up to 3 7/8". Bolt sizes range from 1 1/8" diameter to 2 1/2" diameter. Unique sizes can be provided upon request.

Our bolt torque ranges as low as 278 ft. lbs up to 14,255 ft. lbs.

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