Hydrovac (Hydro Excavation)

Hydrovac (Hydro Excavation)

Hydrovac excavation has become the preferred method to dig around exposed utilities, electrical systems, and in other areas where traditional excavators and backhoes would cause significant damage. Prior to the use of hydrovac excavation, more than 400,000 excavation accidents were reported in North America each year. These accidents are especially likely in urban and highly developed areas.

Hydro excavation techniques now offer the ability to excavate without the risks for damage, and offer several other benefits as well.

How Hydrovac Works

Hydro excavation uses high-pressure water to loosen soil in an area where you need to excavate. Once the area is sufficiently wet, we use a high-powered vacuum to suction the muddy material into a hydro excavator truck and take it to a designated area for processing. This method offers several benefits over older methods that used hydraulic excavators or backhoes to dig:

  • Precision to target only the specific soil you want to remove
  • Less risk of damage to surrounding underground utility lines or other structures
  • Safer for workers on site
  • Lower risk of damage to the surrounding environment

Redi Services offers is the premier hydro excavation company, offering as a safe and reliable way to dig and uncover utility lines, pipelines, electrical systems, and more. We can dig trenches, slots, and holes with pressurized water.

Our services include:

  • Potholing or daylighting: digging to confirm buried lines as well as pipeline and utility crossings
  • Slot trenching: digging narrow trenches to put in cables or pipeline tie-ins, conduct line fault repairs, and more (we offer trenching up to 30 feet deep)
  • Cleanups: cleaning out road and box culvert as well as sump drains
  • Tank cleaning: frac tank and drilling support
  • Trench shoring: assisting in shoring wells of an excavated site
  • Pipeline cleaning: safely exposing underground manifolds and pipeline crossings for conflicting facilities


Improve Safety and Reduce the Cost of Underground Digging

Shovel strikes are one of the most common causes of damage to underground utilities. When you are working in an area with buried utilities or pipes, safety is paramount for both your workers and the underground structures. The ability to target and remove only the soil around these buried structures with the highest level of precision ensures the safety of your team, the environment, and anything buried underground.

Hydrovac also limits the amount of manual labor required to dig, so you can lower the cost of each job. Once the job is complete you simply fill in the area around your dig site with new soil (excavated soil is too wet and muddy to use as backfill).


Contact Redi Services for Hydrovac Today

We offer hydrovac services throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and other states. Unlike other hydrovac companies, we can also provide service in areas that are hard to reach or remote. Contact us today to schedule your hydro excavation or with any questions.

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