Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction


Redi Services, LLC has the ability and necessary equipment to complete any civil and construction need you may have. Through our meticulous planning and awareness of safety we can produce successful results.

We can install site roads for easy access to locations that will be capable of accomodating the enormous machinery required to traverse it. Redi Services, LLC has experienced personnel that are capable of satisfying your needs. No matter what the challenge, we are available to make your project successful. Give us the opportunity to provide our services and you will not be disappointed.

Some of our civil services include:

  • Creating access roads
  • Widening access roads
  • Site survey/lay-out
  • Rough Grade
  • Final Grade
  • Excavation
  • Foundations
  • Concrete repair
  • Grouting
  • Install all underground utilities

Concrete – Structural Foundations, Concrete Slabs, Grouting

Redi Services we have the capability to do a wide variety of flat work:

  • Structural work
  • Sewer water work
  • Concrete slabs
  • Grouting
  • and more... 

We also have a great team with the experience to do everything from design to
build. If you have a complicated pour, or simply need a top-notch crew, we can
get you taken care of. We have a special niche for working in many hazardous
areas related to the oil and gas and mining industries. Our work has been in
plants that are heavily regulated by safety standards, Redi’s team raises that
bar and surpasses safety expectations. We have the training background to get
the work done wherever you may need it. We also have successfully completed
maintenance and project work in mines regulated by MSHA.

Redi’s capable mechanical services brings a new
meaning to being “Redi” for your job.  Redi’s
project leads, craftsmen/craftswomen and managers bring years of experience to
safely and successfully delivered smaller scale jobs up to multi-million dollar

Jobs completed include:

  • Tank farms and piping
  • Load out facilities
  • Compressor Stations
  • Operation additions- new lines and
  • Intricate Pipelines
  • Shutdown and Turn Around Work

Pressure Testing – Hydro testing, Nitrogen Testing

Redi’s diverse service compliment allows our
craftsmen to turn key pressure testing projects from high torque, hook ups,
testing and measurement.  Redi Pumping’s
nitrogen pumps and craftsmen pressure test a number of different pipe sizes and
lengths to properly give our clients accurate readings.

Steel Building Erection

Services has a comprehensive installation service line. Redi has the ability to
be your “one-call – one-stop” service provider.

buildings have a variety of applications including: Warehouse, Shop, Office
Buildings, Compressor Stations, etc.

with our customers we can:

  • Excavate soil for
        building foundation
  • Lay and finish concrete
  • Assemble and erect
        customized metal buildings
  • Install insulation
  • Provide plumbing
  • Electrify the facility
  • Paint to customers

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