Mat Services

Mat Services

Redi Services provides leading edge matting solutions and well site construction services to the oil and gas and industrial services industries.  Composite mats offer our clients a viable and environmentally friendly means to minimize site disturbances and prevent unintended oil and chemical spills. 

Redi can quickly install and then retrieve mats from a variety of sites and then clean them in a cost efficient manner.   In environmentally sensitive sites, Redi can install custom sized liners and then install the top-of-the-line matting system to minimize and contain inadvertent spills on a site specific basis.  This is key to assisting our clients in their spill containment objectives.   Composite mats are inherently lighter than traditional wood mats, hence fewer truckloads translates into lower logistics costs.  Wood mats retain contaminants and cannot be effectively cleaned causing the potential for cross-contamination of the work site.   Wood mats trap solids between boards and cannot be cleaned, causing potential roadway hazards – whereas the composite mats utilized by Redi are easily cleaned and have no gaps between mats.

Redi has the experience and abilities to quickly and environmentally properly clean mats for their reuse.  This mat cleaning service enables Redi to provide a full spectrum of services to our clients.

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