Greasing Services, Pipeline Maintenance Well Head Maintenance

Greasing Services, Pipeline Maintenance Well Head Maintenance

Redi Services offers a variety of greasing services, pipeline maintenance and well head maintenance along with trained technicians in actuator installation and repair along with all types of control valves.

Currently there are three (3) Utility service trucks with high capacity compressors.


Pipeline Maintenance:

  • Valve Greasing / Inspections / Repairs
  • Pressure Relief Valve Testing
  • Shop & Field Repairs, including Actuators, Manual Gear Boxes and
  • Valve Repairs Line Break
  • Devices
  • Low and High Pressure Safety Device

Wellhead Services:

  • Wellhead Greasing
  • Tank Hatches & Vent Valves Inspections /
  • Repair Flame Arrestor, Cleaning and Inspections / Repair Pressure Relief Valve Testing / Repair

Grease Equipment Capabilities:

  • Capabilities to 12,000 psi with equipment capabilities to pump J-Sticks to 55 Gallon drum
  • Force Flow 100 Grease Gun 12,000 psi capabilities
  • Force Flow 50 Grease Gun 10,000 psi capabilities
  • HyperGun Grease Gun 10,000 psi capabilities
  • Q2000 J & K Grease Sticks 10,000 psi capabilities
  • NordstromlFlowserve J & K 10,000 psi capabilities
  • Greco Fireball Pumps 6,000 psi capabilities (for gear boxes and manual actuators) Lincoln Pump High Capacity 1 Gallon per minute (Well head greasing)

Greasing Products:

  • Val-Tex, Lubechem, Nordstrorn!Flowserve, Chemola, South Coast Products,
    Shell, Lubiplate

Completed Projects:

  • Kern River Gas
  • Transmission Company, Kinder Morgan / Ruby Pipeline Company, Colorado Interstate Gas Company, Columbia Gulf
  • Pipeline, Trans-Canada, Williams, BP-America,
  • Chevron USA, XTO Energy

Types of Valves

  • Pilot Operated Soft Seated
  • Pilot Operated Metal Seated
  • Direct Spring Conventional and Balanced
  • Tank Vents / Tank Relief Valves
  • Safety Selector Valve

Testing Capabilities

  • Air
  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Shop & Field repair

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