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TS Power Plant Contract

TS Power Plant Contract

Redi Services was recently awarded the contract to support TS Power, located near Carlin, Nevada,  for its current facility turnaround. This turnaround started May 2nd and it will run 24 hours a day until May 7th. We will be providing Vac services, as well as hydro-blast and hydro-excavation services, and are running a day shift of 13 employees and a night shift of 13 employees for the 24 hour schedule for this week.

This is the first TS Plant turnaround support for Redi; we were able to displace their previous service provider and is an exciting opportunity for Redi Services to branch out in Nevada to support services outside the gold mining industry.

Jay Anderson, CFO of Redi Services, stated:

I view this as a cogent vote of confidence by a major Nevada facility owner that Redi can undertake a difficult, demanding assignment and pull it off safely, on time and within budget.  This is a significant and salient step forward in the progress of Redi in Nevada.  I believe that this demonstrates that Redi is making a huge play to be recognized and respected as a viable and credible comprehensive service provider in Nevada.

Redi is making a name for itself in the Nevada market as a strong vacuum service support company. TS has informed Redi that if they do well on this project, they will be their “go-to” service support company to provide ongoing needed vac services at their facility.




The picture below shows several "Supersucker" vac trucks that will be used as part of the turnaround support. These guzzlers hold some 18 cubic yards in their holding tank and has a vacuum pressure of 3,500 CFM.

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